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Faerie Solitaire Remastered

The classic solitaire adventure remastered!

Faerie Solitaire Harvest

A casual match-2 solitaire. Unlock the blab talent first!

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Solitaire io is 100% free. No annoying ads. No distractions. We are two brothers who have 10+ years of solitaire and card game making experience. We know these games and love them just as much as you do. Thank you for playing!

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For a limited time,
download the DRM free installers of our classic solitaire game Faerie Solitaire Classic for Windows and macOS for free. [Download 207MB] offers high quality versions of solitaire card games you can play in your browser for free. Our goal is to deliver a high quality experience for each solitaire unlike you would find anywhere else. If there is a solitaire variation you would like us to make a version of please let us know! We have several we hope to make soon such as spider solitaire and klondike solitaire. 😇

The big links above are our premium solitaire games. We will be publishing more of our previous solitaire titles over time along with new solitaire additions!

We're just getting started releasing our Solitaire io games so check back frequently to see what's new next time!

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