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Monthly Progress for February 2020

How we did in February 2020. Month 3!

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The third progress report!

Priorities and Focus

This month for Solitaire io time the majority I spent on design and prototypes of new solitaire games. But early on the month I had to focus on other things and so nothing was published. Ouch!

The release date of our game Dire is coming up and so all of my time now is being focused on making sure it is release ready. I already know that this next month I will make zero time for the Solitaire io project. Though this project is still important, I will resume progress in April.

Once again nearly all of the search traffic has been for the exact domain search. Although I am starting to see way more impressions on more terms, and the site is starting to rank for some terms though at deep page ranks so it does not translate to much traffic. I feel the primary thing missing is more quality backlinks.

I did nearly zero promotion of the site this month and it shows. The site is still getting a good number of unique users but of course it can do much better once it can rank higher for good terms.

The first thing I will do in April is do everything I've been wanting to do in the QA Hub.

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