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Monthly Progress for January 2020

How we did in January 2020. Month 2!

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The second progress report!

Next month’s goals:

Priorities and Focus

Articles are important clearly, but games are even more important. In January, I stopped doing daily articles half way through, and we didn’t ship any smaller games. The primary reason for this was that we gave priority to making Faerie Solitaire Remastered ready for casual portal publishing, and there were some unexpected time sinks for it (the last of which I am still working on).

Going into next month, my primary focus will be to flesh out what I want to do in the QA Hub, and releasing several small games in the Lab (where we’ll publish links to in development games). Right now the thing we need the most are backlinks, and most likely new games will fetch those more than the articles. The articles I spent the most time in January were worth writing and interesting, but didn’t get basically any backlinks, only the games got backlinks. We need domain authority, and the main way to get that is backlinks - thus we need to publish more good games.

Nearly all of search traffic for this month was for the exact domain name still, very little clicks (though there are some) for article terms yet.

My focus game wise will be small games which can be played almost instantly on page load. A problem FSR and FSH have is that they don’t play great on mobile (their download sizes are large) and they are not klondike! 😇

I also very much want to get other versions of the core solitaire variations up since at the moment it almost feels like a waste to rank for certain terms if users can’t get their expectations met by what we offer, so that needs to be fixed with priority.

I want to get back on the daily article writing, but in February my focus will be on meeting the 30 articles goal with focus on the QA Hub only.

Manga wise I read Somali and the Forest Spirit (ソマリと森の神様, Somari to Mori no Kamisama). It's good! There is an anime of it too.

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