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Monthly Progress for May 2020

How we did in May 2020.

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Priorities and Focus

Site is keeping similar traffic. That is good.

We've been working on Dire and recently been working on the Steam festival demo. Hype!

I have also been doing some research and writing for future articles. I think to compete I have to also write about card games in general as well as board games and maybe other topics that intersect these. Otherwise there are too few topics related to solitaire that can be written that also would get organic traffic. The next surge of articles will be tests for that. However! I'm going to put the other non-solitiare articles and so on on a different domain. It will be an intersting test.

I have also been doing planning for a BIG PUSH in new games exclusively for this site. My goal is to... do a 90 day challenge where I release a new game every day. Sadly this cannot happen until after Dire is released. But I do plan to go for that!

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