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Published 9/5/2020

Why Our Games Are Not On Nintendo Switch

We get asked so often why our Faerie Solitaire games are not on Nintendo Switch that I’m now publishing this article publicly to explain and link to.

We have submitted our games multiple times to Nintendo over the last 2+ years both directly and via a publisher and all times they have been rejected. So, from now on (until Nintendo directly and sincerely apologizes to us), we will no longer submit new games to Nintendo, nor will we interact with Nintendo and their games / hardware. Consider this when buying from Nintendo, they don’t value our time or business, and they don’t want the Faerie Solitaire games you want to play on their Switch platform.

You may wonder why they rejected our games. The answer is we don’t know why. They intentionally do not explain why they reject games because according to them they don’t want developers to game their review process by addressing any possible problems. I heard that directly from a Nintendo rep who also said she could do nothing about the rejection as it’s apparently a black box to most people at Nintendo.

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