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  • YES, THIS IS THE FULL VERSION OF FAERIE SOLITAIRE HARVEST FOR FREE TO PLAY IN YOUR BROWSER! Of course we do not earn any money from ads for plays of this version as we do not like ads ourselves and have not included any ads on this page. We want you to have a high quality and clean experience playing our games. We hope you will play this version and decide to buy the full version on Steam or on mobile stores such as Android or iOS (best played on tablets). For the very best experience we recommend playing on Steam! There are no time limits or locked out features or content. There are no IAPs or 3rd party ads. And unlike other sites we’re not monetizing your data either, there is no user data collection happening on Solitaire.io at all. We hope you will consider supporting us by buying the full version on Steam or mobile, or by pledging $1 or more on our Patreon so that we can continue to release games like FSR on this site as full games everyone can enjoy.
  • This game is on the larger size of web games (about 111MB to download) and all of that bandwidth does add up. The entire game downloads all at once in compressed form so assuming you do not clear your browser’s cache, or we do not release an update, you’ll be able to continue to visit the game’s page and play again without needing to download it all again. If you want to be guaranteed to be able to play offline please get the game on Steam.
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KNOWN ISSUES [back to top]

  • We have made very effort to make this HTML5 webgame version as good; however, there are limitations in browsers and so this version is not as good as playing the full version on a desktop computer or tablet.
  • If the game does not fully load / looks like it gets stuck try to reload the page and see if it makes more progress.
  • We will try to make permanent fixes to the known issues over time.
  • On the HTML5 version there are audio glitches while the game opens some dialogs / popups / changes screens / changes songs. We are looking into options to remedy this. If your computer’s CPU is fast enough you may not experience any audio issues while the game decompresses various screens to load. If the audio glitches for music / loading are too strong try to lower or mute the game’s music/ambiance volume and turn on some other pleasant music in the background of your choice.
  • HTML5 games are possible to play in mobile browsers, but this is not the ideal setup. We recommend either Google Chrome, Firefox, or the Brave browser on a desktop computer. Of course the most ideal way to play FSR is on Steam followed by mobile versions then the HTML5 version. Of course we do our best to make the HTML5 as good as possible if you want the best experience play on Steam.
  • If you clear your browser cache / the cache of this site you will possibly lose your save game data. If you do not want this to happen we recommend you play on Steam instead. To minimize the chance of save game loss, test what clearing your browser’s cache does first with the various options it gives you. Generally modern browsers do not require manually clearing the browser cache — instead the browser automatically clears files that are old and unused to free up space on its own.
  • If the game gets stuck loading try to hold down the Shift key and then click refresh to force a full refresh of the page.
  • If you close the game while on the game screen there is a chance your save data will get corrupted for that hand. If this happens you’ll get an “autowin” like effect but will have to restart that hand. If you wish to play FSR in your browser to completion.
  • If you are using the Firefox browser and cannot type your name properly for a profile ensure that “Search for text when I start typing” is not checked in Options → Advanced → General → Accessibility
  • Microsoft Edge does not display the custom cursor properly, older IE versions may not be supported at all.
  • The custom cursor in Firefox looks pixelated.

INSTRUCTIONS [back to top]

Faerie Solitaire Harvest is fundamentally a Match-2 Solitaire game. The main objective is to match cards of the same value to remove them from the board area where the cards are in their layout. There are more mechanics as well which add strategy and strategic play to Faerie Solitaire Harvest such as the free space area where you may move cards from anywhere to.

You must earn at least the silver star to advance a layout and eventually save the faerie!

Create Your Profile
When you launch Faerie Solitaire Harvest, you will be asked to create a profile. You can either type in a name or pick a randomly generated name. Saving is automatic, but with this HTML5 version be sure to return to the main menu each time you are done playing to ensure the game has time to save your progress - if you close the window at any other time there is a chance you may lose progress. If several people play on your computer each person can create their own profile in game. To create a new profile, click the “Hello, Name! Not you? Click here.” text at the bottom of the main menu. This will open a dialog which allows you to manage your existing profiles, delete ones you don’t want anymore, and create new ones.

Game Modes
The main game mode of Faerie Solitaire Harvest is its adventure mode. You will always have one location active in adventure mode — the furthest location you are at in the current adventure loop. Once you reach the end of an adventure loop you will enter a New Game + mode where your base luck increases with every loop!

You may also play specific locations at any time by selecting them from the world map. Quickplay locations offer prize boxes as loot instead of having faeries to save. In quickplay locations you must advance each location the first time with no retries otherwise you start the location over again!


The options screen is available from the main menu or the in game pause menu.
Audio / Display

  • You can adjust the audio levels for music, ambiance, and sound effects.
  • You can toggle fullscreen. Toggling fullscreen can also be done by clicking the Fullscreen text button at the bottom left below the game window. Pressing ESC on your keyboard can close fullscreen mode at any time.
  • If you wish to use your system’s own cursors in game you can disable the Custom Cursor option.
  • The Vsync and Show FPS options are generally not useful except for troubleshooting graphics issues.


  • If you wish to use custom colors for your card values and symbols you can do so here. Make sure custom colors is checked to enable custom colors.


  • You may disable various text notifications here if you wish.

HOW TO PLAY [back to top]

Faerie Solitaire Harvest is mostly played with the mouse left click / tapping on your mobile screen. Pick two cards of the same value to match them and remove them from the board. You can draw cards from the deck to get more. Once you are at the bottom of the deck you can redeal the deck — if you have any Valor active redealing costs 1,000 Pure unless you also get a Big Combo on that hand first.

Your main goal in play is to clear all of the cards from the board. Clearing most of the cards on a board is allowed to still advance as long as you clear enough to get a silver star; however, your world map star will be silver instead of gold assuming you did not already get gold or higher on that location.

Pure Gold
You earn Pure Gold as you play. You can call it Pure or Gold as you wish. In the game’s universe it is mostly called Pure. Sometimes you’ll find pouches of Pure Gold under stacks!

When you match cards of the same value and suit color you can build up combos. You can draw from the deck without breaking combos so long as the combo is below 7. Big combos mean bigger earnings of Pure Gold!

As you play, you’ll earn small amounts of mana to charge up wilds. You can choose to hoard your wilds like a dragon, or use them as you wish. There are mana potions you can find randomly under stacks which give large amounts of mana at once. Large combos also give the most mana earned for cards played.

You can find lore shards under stacks occasionally. Lore allows you to to learn more about the FaeVerse and those who live within it. Lore is the primary form of story telling in Faerie Solitaire Harvest. We wanted to try something new for us! In future games we plan to do lore + other ways of storytelling we’ve done before like a progressing narrative and cut-scenes.

Every time you save a faerie you will earn a Talent Point. Use your Talent Points to unlock new talents in the library! We recommend unlocking Blab first!

As you play, you’ll find eggs and resources needed to complete your pet collection. In Faerie Solitaire Harvest, pets are similar to stamp collecting. They have little practical function (in future games we hope to include more fun mechanics for pets), but collecting them all is fun for some. First set an egg active, then as you play your pet will begin to gain XP. Once an egg is ready to hatch go to the pets screen and hatch it to discover the youth form of that pet. This youth form will also gain XP, and when it’s ready to evolve you’ll also need the necessary pure and resources to evolve it. By fully evolving a pet, you unlock its lore.

There is more helpful text in game for these various solitaire topics on the Help screen. If you get stuck check there, and if you still need help feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected] at any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Or join our Discord community and ask questions there - a Discord invite link can be found on the about screen in game.

GAMEPLAY TIPS [back to top]

If you are going for large combos be sure to draw extra cards than you immediately need.

A member of the Faerie Solitaire Harvest community genkicoll has written a great guide for new Faerie Solitaire Harvest players so if you are looking for the best pro tips check this guide out! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895818086

TRANSLATIONS [back to top]

  • Currently English and Russian are supported. If you would like to donate a translation please contact us! The game’s text is about 15,000 words.

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