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What are Potions in the Faerie Solitaire games?

Potions are wild mana!

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When you are playing one of the new versions of a Faerie Solitaire game you may wonder what the potions you can find under stacks do. Once collected, these add an amount to your mana total based on the potion’s quality. A high quality potion may add a large amount of mana resulting in one or more wilds being added to your total.

In the Faerie Solitaire games Wilds are a valuable rarity. You earn small amounts of mana as you play, and more when you perform special tasks (like getting large combos). This varies based on the Faerie Solitaire game you are playing. Some people use their Wilds as they game them, others hoard them away.

Yes, it’s one of the developers of Faerie Solitaire is here writing this! We like playing games with rare and powerful items, and did not want to penalize those who wish to collect as many of them as they want to. For some people Wilds are like a score counter never to be used. We did not want to force their use, limit the amount that can be collected, make them decay, or make it riskier or harder the more you had. Originally there was a max amount, but we figured it would be more fun to not limit it!

This is kind of like rare items in Final Fantasy which you save for the right time but never use. Generally we design our games to try and not use Wilds, but they are there, and they are powerful! So use them or not it’s up to you!

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