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Experimental Solitaire - Sultan’s Guard

How to play Sultan’s Guard solitaire.

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This is an experimental variation which came from thinking of playing Forty Thieves with a single deck of cards while also taking up less space. It’s very possible there is already a variation exactly like this (if you know of one let me know).

Use a single deck of cards without jokers and shuffled well. Lay out 7 piles of 4 cards each of all face up cards.

You may hold the deck and draw from it one card at a time. Cards you draw but do not want to play or cannot play are placed in a side pile. You may play cards from the side pile at any time but only the top card once at a time, and assuming their place follows the other rules below.

You may move cards on top of each other based on value high to low onto piles. Suit on board piles do not matter only color — so you can place a Seven of Diamonds on top of an Eight of Hearts.

You may move groups of board cards at once so long as all cards in the group are the same suit color, the group you are moving is from high to low and descending value without any gaps, and the bottom card in the group is the same suit color as the target card along with being one value lower — or the target is an empty space.

You may move any card to empty spaces when they appear, you can only have up to 7 board stacks a time.

The objective of the game is to move cards to four foundations. These cards must be ace (bottom) to king (top) in order and here suit does matter — only hearts may be in one foundation, while diamonds only are allowed in another.

You may redeal once and only once (meaning you get two turns through the deck cards). Once you redeal you can continue to play cards from the side pile but may not redeal again.

The game is won when all cards are in the four foundations in proper order. You may declare the game won once you have no cards in the deck or side pile, and all cards on the board piles are perfectly descending in value with matching suit colors.

About Sultan’s Guard Solitaire

Again, these sorts of rules may already exist. There are many solitaires out there! But at the moment I’m not aware of one exactly like this.

While play testing I had a high winrate, which is something you may want instead of the low winrate of Forty Thieves. 😇 It would be much more difficult if you were not able to place cards on top of each other based on descending value and same color.

This game may need more rule change tweaks to be more fun. I can already see it playing best digitally.

P.S. Is a correction required in this text? Tell me in our Discord!

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