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Favorite Solitaires: Aces Up

How to play Aces Up.

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Aces Up Solitaire is an easy to learn and play solitaire with a low chance of winning. The objective of the game is to move all cards to a single foundation.

A top of stack card may be moved to the foundation if there is another card of the same suit as a top of stack card with a higher value (so if there is a Queen of Hearts and a Five of Hearts as top of stack face up you may move the Five of Hearts to the foundation). Aces are always counted above Kings, and Aces may be moved to the foundation whenever you want to move them there; however, you should always move Aces as the last card of their suit.

Aces Up Card Layout

Aces Up uses a single deck of cards shuffled well. Draw four cards face up into four stacks. These four stacks may have any top of stack card moved to them if they become empty.

Move cards to the foundation as you are allowed, and if a free space opens up you may move a card to it. After you cannot make any more moves, draw four more face up cards and place one card on top of each of the four stacks.

The game is won if you manage to move all cards to the foundation. Otherwise your score is the number of cards moved to the foundation after you have depleted all cards from the deck and cannot make any other moves.


Optional Rules

An optional rule of Aces Up allows you to move each Ace to another stack whenever you wish as long as it is the top of stack card. You will need to manually keep track of which aces you have manually moved if you want to play with this rule. Remember that you can always move aces to empty stacks even if you used their free move once already.

Another optional rule you can use is that once you draw the first ace of a color place a token next to your foundation (such as a coin - or keep track on a piece of paper). You can spend this token at any time to move a single card of your choice to the foundation. This rule allows you to remove up to two cards at will per game once you draw a red and black ace. If you have a leftover unspent token at the end of the game add 1 to your score for each.

The above two optional rules do not make Aces Up trivial, but can improve your odds while keeping the game a fun solitaire to play!

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