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Favorite Solitaires: Addiction

How to play Addiction Solitaire.

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Also know as Gaps, Montana, Spaces, Vacancies.

Addiction Solitaire requires a large table area to play on. It is much more fun to play digitally because of how you must organize the game. Winning Addiction Solitaire requires both luck and skill — a clever player is much more likely to win on a given deal.

You will learn an easier version which requires less space first.

Mini Addiction Solitaire

The goal of Addiction Solitaire is to order cards from 2 to 7 in each of the rows with only one suit of cards allowed per row.

Take a standard deck of cards and remove the jokers and all cards above 7 in value. You want to be left with only cards between A-7 for each suit. Shuffle these cards as well as you can, and then deal them out face up in 4 rows of 7 cards each.

Remove all of the Aces from the board. These are your initial gaps.

You may move cards from its place to a gap so long as the card to the left of the gap is the same suit and one card lower in value. If a Four of Hearts is to the left of a gap then you may only move a Five of Hearts to that gap.

You may always move the Two of each suit to the first position of each row as long as there is a gap there. Doing this designates that row to the suit of that Two. Any cards which match up to the Two in that row in order are locked and are not removed in shuffling.

Once you are out of moves, you may shuffle. To shuffle take all cards from the board which are not connected in value and suit to a 2 which is at the very left of a row. If there is a Two of Hearts at the very left of a row, and a Three of Hearts to the right you will not remove these cards when shuffling. Once you have removed all non-locked cards, shuffled them as well as you can, and then place them face up back on the board with card to ensure that there is a gap between all of the cards which are locked on the board and the shuffled cards you are dealing back to the board (unless you have already completed a row of 2-7, in which case you simply do not deal additional cards to that row). If there is no Two in a row when shuffling then you will leave the first place as the gap of that row when redealing after a shuffle.

You are only allow a single shuffle/redeal in this version.

You may now move cards around again as you are allowed. You win if you manage each row 2-7 with a single suit per row with each Two at the very left of each row.

Full Addiction Solitaire

The full version of Addiction Solitaire uses the same rules as above with the exception of using all non-Joker cards. You still have four rows, but you use cards 2-K instead of only 2-7. This version takes up even more space. This version also allows two shuffles instead of only one.

Addiction Solitaire Card Layout

Extra Possible Rules

If you want an easier game you can allow yourself extra shuffles for each version.

You may also allow moving cards to a gap if the card to the right of the gap is one up in value and the same suit, but this is not a standard rule.

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