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Favorite Solitaires: Canfield

Learn how to play Canfield Solitaire.

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Canfield solitaire is one of the most well known solitaire favorites besides Klondike. Once you get the hang of it you will never forget how to play it, and you’ll be able to show friends how to play. Then you can bet them to see who can get the high score!

Canfield solitaire was famously played as a gambling game, but required more employees and made less money than other gambling methods and so lost favor.

How to Play Canfield Solitaire with a real deck of cards.

Canfield Card Layout

You need one deck of cards well shuffled.

Put 13 face down cards into a pile, flip the pile so its bottom card is face up and put it on your left side. This is your stock pile.

Deal a card from your deck face up and place it in the middle before you. This is your first foundation card. Whatever value it is, the other 3 foundation cards must be the same card value of the other suits. The objective of Canfield is to move as many cards to these 4 foundations.

The foundations must be built up in value from whatever value they are at, and this building may be continuous — that is an Ace builds on top of a King.

Play four more cards below the areas where your four foundations go. These are your four board layout card stacks — they only begin with 1 card each. The cards in these stacks may be built up on each other downward in value with alternating suit colors, and like with the foundations the board stacks are continuous — a King can be placed on top of an Ace. The top card of a board stack may be played always. A pile of cards in a board stack may also be moved if they are in the correct descending value order with alternating suit colors and the target card is the proper color and value to continue the chain. Any free spaces must be filled immediately by your stock pile. Once the stock is depleted empty spaces are then filled by the waste pile.

As you draw cards you may play them or leave them on a waste pile and continue to draw cards on top of them. You may play with unlimited redeals or a limited number if you prefer. The old casino rules only allowed no redeals!

You may also play cards directly from your stock pile to the board stacks or foundations if they follow the rules of play.

You may draw one card at a time, or three cards at a time for a more difficult game. When drawing 3 cards at a time you must play the first card to play the second, you must play the second to play the third, else you must draw 3 more to replace them.

After you run out of deck cards to draw you must flip over the waste pile without shuffling and begin to draw again if you wish to allow redeals.

Remember that you can move cards from the cards you draw, from the board cards, or the side pile cards to the foundations at any time if they are able to be built up properly.

Once all foundations have 13 cards you win! Else your score is the total number of cards you managed to move to the foundations. And if you were in the old Canfield casino you would win $5 per card placed on the foundation after paying $50 for the deck. Good luck! The odds are against you, and that’s the way the house always wins. 😇

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