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Favorite Solitaires: Elevens

How to play Elevens Solitaire.

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You will be often lucky while playing Elevens Solitaire!

Elevens solitaire requires one deck. Shuffle the deck well.

Deal 12 total cards face up in 3 rows of 4 cards. Immediately cover any Jack, Queen, or King with a new card whenever they are played.

Once you have 12 (and none J,Q,K) cards in a 3 by 4 arrangement, you can begin to play. Look for pairs of cards which when added together add up to eleven in total. 1+10, 2+9, 3+8, 4+7, 5+6. Whenever you find these pairs cover them up with new cards from your deck. If you play any J,Q, or K then immediately cover these with another card from the deck.

Continue covering pairs which add up to 11 until you run out of cards, and if you do then you win!

If you prefer you can begin the game by removing all of the court cards from your deck (J,Q,K).

You may notice this game is similar to Pirate’s Gold. Instead of making matches of the same value, you are adding up values to equal 11 in total.

Elevens Solitaire is a useful solitaire game to teach to young children who are learning addition.

A more challenging Elevens Solitaire

Elevens Card Layout

An alternative (and more challenging) way to play with the court cards is to not immediately cover them, but to instead have the court cards as blockers which can only be removed to a side pile if you can make a set of J,Q,K together. If you play this way then instead of covering cards which add up to 11 you will instead remove them to a side pile, and then replace those spaces from the deck. When playing in this version you win once you move all cards to the side pile by making pairs adding up to 11 or making J,Q,K groupings.

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