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Pirate's Gold Solitaire

How to play Pirate’s Gold Solitaire with a real deck of cards.

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A Fun Solitaire For The Family

This version of Pirate’s Gold has some of my own variations which I feel make the game more fun. Feel free to change the rules to how you prefer.

The first step is to remove any Jokers from your deck. 2 Jokers are commonly found within normal card decks.

Next, make sure your deck of cards is fully shuffled. Shuffled twice or more to be sure!

Take cards from your deck and place them face up until you make two rows of 5 cards until you have 10 cards total.

All pirates love treasure. That's the rule!

Now look for any 2 pairs from the face up cards. For any pair you find, cover these cards with additional cards from your deck. Two pairs, as in four and a four, king and a king, ace and an ace. Suit and color do not matter.

The objective of Pirate’s Gold Solitaire is to continue to match cards and cover them with cards from your deck until your deck is empty. If you manage to remove all cards from your deck then you get the big win of all of the Pirate’s Gold!

If you cannot find any more matches the game is over. You then count the number of cards you have collected on the board — this is your pirate’s booty score!

Competitive Solitaire Play

You can play Pirate’s Gold competitively with others by playing 3 games per person and adding up your loot to see who wins!

Another way to play against another person is for each person to have their own deck of cards and to see who will be the first to get a perfect clear! Of course, since it is a fast-paced game, it helps to have watchful judges pause both players if a mistake is made. Punish the mistake maker however you wish! If one person can no longer make any matches then they must wait for the other player to finish, if the other player removes all cards from their deck then they are the winner, otherwise both players compare their pirate loot totals (total cards played to their board) to see who won.

You can also play the game with two or more players taking turns drawing from the deck and matching cards, the first person who can’t make a match loses!

For extra challenge use two decks worth of cards shuffled together instead of one! Or lower the number of cards on your board — so use two rows of 4 cards, or even 2 rows of 3 cards.

Want an even harder version? Leave the Jokers in the deck.

Pirate’s Gold is a great solitaire card game to teach to kids. It has a high win rate, and can teach kids about winning, losing, matching, and counting. Of course it’s fun for adults too!

Have fun playing Pirate’s Gold Solitaire! 🦜🏴‍☠️💰

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