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FreeCell Secrets

Did you know there are secret games in FreeCell?

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This bit of trivia is something most people who have played a few FreeCell games knows since it’s one of the few interesting tidbits of information unique to Windows FreeCell versions.

In the Windows XP version of FreeCell there are two secret games -1 and -2. Both of these are impossible to beat! Access these via Game -> Select Game.

FreeCell -1

FreeCell -2

In the Windows 7 version of FreeCell there are two more additional secret levels -3 and -4 which beat themselves when you make a single move (right click an Ace). You can use this to stack your winning statistics, but you’ll know you only cheated yourself.

FreeCell -3

FreeCell -4

Need help? Press the H key to get a hint. This doesn’t work in the XP version however.

What does work in the XP version is Ctrl+Shift+F10 to open a dialog which if you press abort and then move a card will make you instantly win.


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