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Legendary Solitaire : King Sol (Part 1)

An all in one solitaire collection for Windows and Pocket PC.

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This part 1 is an information dump from the original product and company archives. I am working on more research and trying to contact the original devs to get their story. King Sol is no longer sold, and even the game’s old DRM no longer works it seems (activated keys stop working in 30 days and require manual re-activation since the game can never phone home). Their original website no longer works.

The King Sol game was reviewed well it seems, well enjoyed by its players. By today’s standards, it feels like very old Windows software, but it obviously also had a lot of care put into it and was no doubt seen as one of the best for its time. King Sol is an example of what’s old is new again. It was a game that did what other games had done before and became successful for it, and it’s likely that other devs can again repeat the process and bring these kinds of solitaire collections forward in time with even more care and attention to detail for the long term.

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Klondike in King Sol

Rapture Technologies, Inc. is an innovative developer of family-friendly games and superior multimedia products and technologies for a variety of hardware and software platforms. In addition to its own games, Rapture has developed games for Disney Interactive, Microsoft, and Bandai.

Rapture Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held company founded in December 1997.

King Sol is the largest collection of solitaire card games anywhere with 422 games on the Windows version and 70 games on the PocketPC version. Whether you are an avid solitaire player or just like to play occasionally you’ll find lots of enjoyable games in any one of our solitaire collections. Available for all Windows platforms, you can now even take King Sol with you with our new PocketPC version. Each collection comes complete with a friendly and easy to use interface, full-featured customization options, unlimited undo/redo, save/restore games, auto-saving of current game on exit, bookmarks, auto-playing of cards, and over 2 billion shuffle combinations for virtually unlimited game playing fun.
If you like to track your game statistics then King Sol offers the most complete solitaire statistics database anywhere. View your results in amazing 3D charts, sort tables by any field, and compare your results against other players. If you like to customize the look of your game then you’ll love our customization features and customization gallery. The Windows version is even skinnable – the only solitaire collection that lets you do that!

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King Sol for Windows is a collection of 422 solitaire games. It’s user-friendly interface and incredible feature-set makes King Sol the new standard for solitaire game collections. It is the only “skinnable” solitaire game on the market.



Company Press Releases:

Two Top 7th Level Development Managers Leave to Form Rapture Technologies Company Develops a Next Generation Content Delivery System

Dallas, TX (February 5, 1998)—Today Rapture Technologies, Inc. announced the formation of the six-month old company by its two partners, Doug Gillespie and Jeff English, whose innovative products have won more than 100 awards. The talented team, former Vice President of Research and Development and Office of the President and former Director of System Technologies at 7th Level, Inc., was the original architects of the highly acclaimed multimedia engine, TopGun . Their technology provided the basis for all 7th Level products and was utilized in the creation of products for Microsoft, Disney Interactive, Bandai Digital Entertainment and other companies.

Since its formation, Rapture Technologies has been architecting and developing a next generation media content delivery system that will be used to provide solutions to multimedia developers and other emerging technology . “The creation of this engine is in line with our strategy to provide superior system technology to strategic partners who want to develop CD-ROMs, leverage the Internet or have other technology needs,” said Doug Gillespie, President and CEO. “Our system is designed for flexibility and customer growth.”

Rapture Technologies offers its clients three levels of service: analysis, design and implementation. It supplements existing R&D groups or functions entirely as a client’s development group. Additionally the company provides leadership and management services for an existing development team. “Our goal is to build custom solutions for clients,” stated Mr. Gillespie. “Our company is an excellent source for companies who need to evaluate current directions, develop new strategies, architect and design new versions of existing products or design entirely new products.”

“Doug and I have worked together for more than eight years and understand, in this fast moving technology industry, the importance of having a well-architected system,” said Jeff English, Executive Vice President of Research and Development. “We build products designed for years of growth that leverage new and evolving technologies.”

The experience of Rapture Technologies’ team speaks for itself. This team has consistently completed quality products for industry giants on time and within budget. Among other projects at 7th Level, they managed and architected Microsoft and Lyrick Studios’ four Barney ActiMates titles, Bandai Digital Entertainment’s Tamagotchi CD-ROM and Disney Interactive’s Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Games and The Hunchback of Notre Dame Topsy Turvy Games.

Rapture Technologies, Inc., based in Richardson, Texas, is a privately owned developer of multimedia products and technology for a variety of hardware and software platforms. Founded in 1997 by a team of veteran executives, Rapture Technologies forms strategic relationships to produce products and technologies for emerging .


GLENDALE, CA and RICHARDSON, TX, AUGUST 18, 1998 – Creative Capers Entertainment Inc, Hollywood’s leading independent animation and creative development studio, and Dallas-based Rapture Technologies, Inc., developers and architects of advanced content delivery systems, have formed Digital Doorway to create, produce and market interactive gaming, entertainment and educational titles for the PC, console, handheld and online .

Creative Capers and Rapture Technologies will be equal owners of the new company, with each bringing complementary experience and talents to the venture. Creative Capers brings more than 10 years of experience in creative design and production of multimedia projects, while Rapture Technologies contributes technical design and engineering utilizing its proprietary Moses multimedia content delivery system for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows CE platforms. Digital Doorway will be headquartered in Glendale, California.

The announcement was made by Sue Shakespeare, Terry Shakespeare and David Molina, founders and principals of Creative Capers; and Doug Gillespie and Jeff English, founders of Rapture Technologies. Sue Shakespeare and Doug Gillespie will serve as co-chairmen of Digital Doorway, with Shakespeare as CEO and Gillespie president. Terry Shakespeare and David Molina are executive vice presidents of creative design, while Jeff English is executive vice president of research and development.

“Separately, each company has distinguished itself as an innovator. Digital Doorway allows us to pool our strong individual, highly complementary skills and track records and focus them toward the singular goal of bringing products to market that truly set new standards in quality and entertainment. Creative Capers is thrilled to have a company the caliber of Rapture as our partner,” Shakespeare said.

“Creative Capers’ outstanding creative talents, combined with our advanced technology, enables Digital Doorway to offer a complete solution to companies in the multimedia, Internet, wireless and handheld . Partnering with a group with such impeccable credentials and experience makes perfect sense,” said Gillespie.

Founded in 1989, Glendale, CA-based Creative Capers is widely known for creating and designing quality family entertainment for the film, television, interactive, toy, theme retail and amusement industries. It is particularly recognized as a leader in the animation industry, having created key animation and characters for popular family films such as 101 DALMATIONS, THUMBELINA, ROVER DANGERFIELD, THE TOM AND JERRY MOVIE, THE PAGEMASTER, THE LAND BEFORE TIME and AN AMERICAN TAIL.

For the past several years, Creative Capers has had a close relationship with Disney Interactive. The company has designed and produced more than 30 Disney titles, including eight of Disney’s top 10 selling CD-ROMs such as THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, LION KING ANIMATED STORY BOOK, THE LEGEND OF MULAN and the ALADDIN ACTIVITY CENTER. The company also originated the concept and characters for NIGHTMARE NED, which Disney produced as both a television series and marketed as an interactive title.

In 1998, Creative Capers signed three key agreements with Jersey Films in which the two companies agreed to co-produce two television series and one feature film. Those projects are now in pre-production.

Texas-based Rapture Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Gillespie and English who have worked in senior positions together for nine years. They designed and engineered the highly acclaimed TopGun multimedia engine, which was used to develop all of 7th Levels products and licensed to Microsoft® . Gillespie and English have developed over 20 titles, including the award-winning TIMON & PUMBAA’S JUNGLE GAMES and THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME’S TOPSY TURVY GAMES for Disney Interactive; BARNEY ACTIMATES for Microsoft and TAMAGOTCHI for Bandai Digital Entertainment.

Recently Rapture Technologies unveiled its first product: Moses , an advanced multimedia content delivery engine for Windows 32 platforms. Moses, an acronym for Multi-purpose Object-oriented Synchronized Entertainment System, is designed for a wide range of entertainment and educational products on a variety of hardware and software platforms, including wireless, handheld and Internet. The engine is designed to leverage the latest hardware and software technologies and is equipped with the features required for online users.

Digital Doorway creates, designs, produces and engineers high-quality multimedia games, entertainment and educational programs for the PC, console, handheld and online . Formed as a joint venture between Creative Capers Entertainment and Rapture Technologies, Inc., Digital Doorway combines top caliber creative design and content from Capers with Rapture’s proprietary Moses multimedia architecture and its engineering strength.

Rapture Technologies Developing Games for Windows-powered Pocket PCs Cubicle Chaos and Fire Drill included in Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack

DALLAS, TX (April 19, 2000) – Rapture Technologies showcases its superior technology and game development today at the Pocket PC launch in New York City’s Grand Central Station. Moses, Rapture’s proprietary engine, was adapted for Windows-powered Pocket PCs; and the company is developing a number of arcade games that really capture the fun, graphically pleasing and rich gameplay of the platform. Two games, Cubicle Chaos and Fire Drill, were demonstrated at the launch and will be included in the Fun Pocket PC Expansion Pack.

“We are excited to have been selected as one of the premier providers to demonstrate our technology and games at the Pocket PC launch,” said Rapture’s President, Doug Gillespie. “The powerful combination of our Moses engine, the rich development environment enabled by the Pocket PC Game APIs, and the great color screens, powerful processors and stereo sound of the Pocket PC devices has made it possible for you to experience desktop-quality entertainment on a device that fits in your pocket.”

Rapture’s advanced multimedia content delivery engine, Moses, is designed for a wide range of entertainment and educational products on a variety of hardware and software platforms, including wireless, handheld and Internet. Moses is designed to leverage the latest hardware and software technologies and is equipped with the features required for online users. Rapture’s advanced game development library, Aaron , is designed to complement and enhance Moses application development.

“Pocket PCs are versatile and provide more options than any other device to meet your business needs as well as make the most of your free time,” said Rogers Weed, director of marketing for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “Rapture Technologies has expertly designed games with rich colors and excellent gameplay, making them great travel companions.”

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Windows-powered Pocket PCs, the next-generation PDAs from Microsoft and its partners, offer customers the best way to connect to their most essential information while away from their desk, yet are versatile enough to satisfy the personal needs of today’s busy mobile lifestyle. Pocket PCs already include a broad range of native business, personal productivity, and entertainment applications, yet can easily be expanded to adapt to each customer’s changing needs through a continually growing number of industry standard hardware and software expansion options.

Rapture Technologies, Inc., based in Richardson, Texas, is a privately owned developer of multi-media products and technology for a variety of hardware and software platforms. Founded in 1997 by a team of executives whose technology has been used by industry leaders such as Microsoft and Disney Interactive, Rapture Technologies forms strategic relationships to produce products and technologies for emerging markets.

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